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Bruce, be nice... by artdeque Bruce, be nice... :iconartdeque:artdeque 2 2
Midnight Cities
Sleepless downtown districts, brilliant midnight colors glistening in the wet streets.
Flocks of unique lives walking around, scattered lights in windows everywhere.
Distant fog of echoing technology, music, voices, hearts broken and healed.
Glass mountains.
Illuminated canyons.
Miniature suns everywhere the eye looks.
Part of me dies in absence of it.
Nature is not for me.
:iconbaleur:Baleur 1 2
To a Friend
Breathe... It is simply the most beautiful sound that I hear when I wake up and you're next to me. I watch as you sleep tenderly on my chest, wondering what it is that you are dreaming of. I know that you might dream of him or you might dream of me. It does not really matter, just as long as I get to hear each breath you take because you never know which day will hold the last one.
I don't know if it is obvious how much you mean to me, but being there for you brings me a solace that I've not experienced before. No amount of drinking or smoking could ever bring the peace that you bring, just being with you and watching you. I gently get up so as not to disturb you, for I know that must prepare for the day ahead. It's always that way. Every good thing must come to an end eventually. But some good things have a way of coming back to you.
As it comes time to leave, I'll wake you gently with a kiss on your cheek. You'll slowly stir from your sleep, stretching then looking up at me with that
:iconjimandjak2005:JimAndJak2005 2 1
Sells the Hope
Every army sells the hope of heaven
To the foot soldier.
The strategists of course are too precious
To walk the front line.
How odd that some atheists who believe
In this world only
Value human life more than the faithful
Who like death easy and cheap.
What army ever sells a hope of peace?
Peace is not their part.
But do not sell the hope of heaven
To the foot soldier.
Blessed are the peacemakers
For they shall be called children of God.
:iconcolornote:Colornote 2 11
One Day, Diary
One day, Diary, I will stand again. I will be the one they think of when trying to remember it. After all, I really did do something with myself, me.
One day, Diary, someone shall regret this. You know it. So do I.
One day, Diary, the sun will come up and an even brighter dawn than this one will shine through my lids, waking me, telling me, 'It is time. Open your eyes.'
One day, Diary, I will stand again and I will fight.
One day, Diary, when it is all over, gone, perished into wind blowing through trees in the last forest east form the sea, weeping for what once has been, then, Diary, remember it.
When that day comes, you, Diary, are me. You remember when I have ceased to be.
One day, Diary, not too far from now, my body may still linger, but I will never be me again.
I am not the same today, Diary, as I was yesterday.
:iconmythopoeia:Mythopoeia 1 3
Pessimistic Sanity
You look at life with bloodshot eyes
Close your sight to the future
Nothing but this pessimistic sanity
Keeps you rolling, rolling down the hill
Open your mind to the possibility
Birth of a new hope, of a morning sun
Slips between your nights like a predator
Keeps you soaring, soaring through the sky
And you give up, too often, too quick.
With your gazelle eyes you convinced me otherwise
And you give in, too often, too quick
With your innocent smile you turned my desires
And you shut in, too hard to break... you.
After sunset comes the dark
With the sorrows lighten spark
And you give up, too often, too quick.
With your gazelle eyes you convinced me otherwise
And you give in, too often, too quick
With your innocent smile you turned my desires
And you shut in, too hard to break... you.
Creativity is nothing but escape route
To the sanity inside.
:iconpoeticaldoom:poeticaldoom 3 4
Mature content
Grass :iconnubcakemaryftw:nubcakeMARYftw 1 4
There were days when he'd use my shower and leave me finger messages on the mirror fog; speaking truths of such beauty i'd shiver. he was the perfect type. I loved sleeping in the morning hearing the water run while the early light of morning poured into my trouble stained room. I'd hear him sing the rolling stones and felt the sides of my lips curl into a smile and the whole world was fine. There were days i'd walk into the bathroom in his shirt and smell the smokey peachiness from his body scrub. I'd open the shower door and step into him still wearing the white shirt. we'd slow dance as he held my fragility in his arms and pressed his sweet lips against mine under the burning water. he'd tell my ears sweet little secrets in the deep whispers that made every inch of me tingle.
one moment.
one four hour conversation.
one heart breaks.
one lifetime of heartache.
that night i woke at 5am; ran the water in the shower. slept, and woke again at 7am.
and for one moment. I expected to hear t
:iconmariecamin:mariecamin 3 1
I Remember You.
Holding out on the sunset,
memories flooding my mind,
and I'm trying to understand
how life could be so hard and so unkind.
Those old feelings won't ever return,
and I can't run back on those days.
It hurts too much to remember
who and what I lost,
and at such a high cost.
It's just another day,
nothing left to say,
stuck in the time of now.
Can't change back the clocks,
can't look back and not feel
the burning pull of what
we once had.
I bet you don't remember,
but I know that I do.
I wish I knew where you are,
I wish I could find you.
I can't recall your name,
but I can tell you the place,
and I can faintly see your face.
Sweet relief in that time,
carefree and on the loose,
and now more than a decade,
and there's nothing I can say.
:iconvarekaifleur:varekaifleur 1 4
Love Poems
This book that sits here touched by us both
remains an artifact of a time that is long gone.
The very imprint of her hands lies here, her fingers
turn the very same pages that my own do wander.
It was a different time and a different place where
she closed this book one last time before its' journey.
As it sits here as my own, i feel her thumbing through
and marking the words that are so meaningful to me.
I drink everything in and savor each inflection as i smell
her breath on the pages and feel her hands to hold.
She is no more than mere inches away from me as her
heart beats with mine, her everything here and now.
The memory of the past brings the crude remembrance
of regret; A perfect love thrown away so rashly.
:iconzenmaster13:Zenmaster13 1 5
Tree of Life by Duck-Pwincess Tree of Life :iconduck-pwincess:Duck-Pwincess 23 21 I don't know what you see... by DustBunny-Studios I don't know what you see... :icondustbunny-studios:DustBunny-Studios 16 21
compulsive liar.
once i asked you your favourite
colour, and you said, "the brown
of your eyes," so i put in one green
contact and told everyone that i
came out of the womb as a factory
defect, half-priced, damaged goods.
sometimes i am from canada and
sometimes i am from england and
sometimes i am from spain.
i've carefully tempered my accents
and plotted out my stories with
yellow and purple coloured pencils
on index cards. my origin changes
like the seasons.
"why do you lie to everyone?" you
"why not?" i reply.
i wear nametags that read "alicia"
and "liana" and "samantha," because
i want to know how it feels to be
someone else for a day.
you make me a nametag with my
real name on it, and i just laugh.
(later i slip it beneath my mattress
and spend the night staring at the ceiling.
see, i've tried myself on one too many
times, and the fit is never right.)
you call me your little compulsive
liar, and i guess that is supposed
to be somewhat affectionate.
or something.
i spin before the mir
:iconestallidos:estallidos 3,024 597
Treacherous Slopes of Reason
Well we were living on the edge of reason.
Nowhere to go but back.
And as I looked behind, I saw the river of Denial.
And when I looked forward, I saw the canyon of Despair.
And when you looked at me I saw the fiery pit of Hope in your eyes.
I took my first step into insanity.
I took my first step into the fire with you.
I drowned myself in those eyes.
I drowned myself in your hope.
We are living in euphoria.
Despair and Denial have long eroded and been weathered down.
I was nowhere good without you.
I now live everywhere great with you.
:icondarkpunksbabe:darkpunksbabe 2 2
Midnight Mirage
As night fell like feathers, the moonlight
Scattered blue silence abroad,
Like fairy dust, stirring up yawns...
We watched dusk descend on us, awed.
You appeared, all at once, and banished the night
With bright smiles that my heart craves.
We danced on clouds bathed in sunlight,
An ocean of whipped-cream waves.
You nudge me awake as the rooster
Is crowing your final goodbyes.
Tears tickle my lashes; I know you're a dream
As you fade away with the sunrise.
:iconscaredambitious:ScaredAmbitious 17 38



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